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PR. Advertising & Marketing

Good wishes from S.A. Corporation. We have been working as a 1st class contractor in Bangladesh Railway for a long time with great reputation. Currently most of the people of the country are interested to travel in trains. So, using this opportunity we are branding on the different companies in the areas near Bangladesh Railway. In order to make the quality of the service internationally, we have installed CC cameras, Wi-Fi device, LED TVs & we are interested in commercial branding stations in exchange for maintenance and monitoring. For this reason, the image of the Bangladesh Railway will be improved further as well as the safety of the passengers and the adjacent areas of the station

If the products of your company are advertised in the mentioned train then it will result in the wide circulation of the advertised products as well as make the train journey more attractive, lively, pleasant and popular to the passengers. Hence, we sincerely seek your help in sponsoring the branding work in the said train. This is to mention especially that, we will take care of the activities regarding the maintenance of the said curtains and headrest covers at our own initiative.